Creating software that runs your business.

Our multidisciplinary team is always looking for the next great idea that will make the world a better place through our software solutions.

From paper to market

We help founders take their ideas all the way from sketches on a notebook to market ready companies that impact the world in meaningful ways.

Remote team

We provide established companies and startups with the tech team and project management needed to achieve goals and maximize efforts in a smart, modern way.

Product Development

We love creating new, exciting software based products and solutions to take your ideas to the next level. From new founders to seasoned professionals, collaborating with you to create amazing results is what moves us.

Our latest project


After failed and wasteful interactions with other software development companies, Luztr became our client. At this point, we became their remote team, including demand based CTO services.

We immersed ourselves in the company and its operations in order to better understand the demands and challenges faced.

After only three months and much better used resources, the client is now launching it’s fully operational and multi platform supported progressive app.

We also shared our startup mindset with the founders and employees, showing how to get better results in more cost and time effective ways.

Currently, we provide Luztr with all their CTO and software remote team services.


Execution from MVP to final product + CTO on demand

We started consulting for BandTripper since its very beginning.

Along with the founders, we have conceptualized the whole platform and created its first MVP from landing page to final product.

We performed CTO on demand services for the months following the release.

Our Clients

Encontre um Nerd

Co-founded + conceptualization + execution from MVP to final product

Ace Group

Progressive App dev + creation of their online startup scoring system


Backend refactoring from Java to Ruby + Ionic Mobile dev


SaaS dev with Ruby on Rails + Ionic Mobile dev + Product Discovery and Development

About Us

We are a team of tech hackers, reaching for everything opensourced and new, always with one eye on the market and the other on the innovations happening around the world.

Our startup background helps us build great solutions in short periods of time and with real impact in people’s lives.

We always focus on ideas, products and concepts that truly make the world a better place.


  • Startup Background
    • Our startup background gives us that edge of always keeping ourselves updated and in touch with all great new technology.
    • We have the right minds to understand the user’s use and consume habits.
  • You focused on your operations
    • With us, you have a real partner that will always be working it’s best for your company's software.
    • No worrying about tech project management or constant supervision, we understand your needs and present real results.
  • Remote Work
    • Our team works with full productivity in the right environment, not adding coasts to your day to day logistics.
    • We only chose projects we truly believe in, so you can rest assured that you have the right team at your side.


We’re always looking for interesting ideas, projects and challenges from all over the world.

With our remote team, it doesn’t matter where you are.

Let’s talk about your idea.

We can all come together to create great companies, products and services that make the world a better place!

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